Our company established at 1993, in Athens, Greece. The owners are: Ismini Karali, Designer and Interior Architect and Louis Polichronopoulos, Supervisor of construction and General Manager.

Our aim is to create bold, unique & inspiring spaces, both commercial & residential, with an energetic approach to imagination that work in harmony with their surroundings. We design, execute our designs and beyond this, we create the whole concept of the project we work on.

We worked mostly in Greece, but also in South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town) and in USA, in New York. We have already accomplished successfully, hundreds of projects the last 21 years. Our clients were mostly from commercial area and our “specialty” is spaces of entertainment, like clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. But also in residential area, we have design, and did the execution work of some exceptional villas from scratch. You can read some of our customers’ credits at our website:

Our work is highly appreciate from the local and foreign press and we have numerous works been published in design books, design magazines and design blogs. You can see these publications at our website:

Least but not last, we create and we worked on a special project, “The Beautiful People Project” the last two years, where we interviewed artists from all over the world in order to promote art and inspiration worldwide. You can see our blog here:

Our team consists of architects, designers, but also of constructors, highly experienced in their work and familiar with our way of designing.



Ismini Karali

Conceptual Interior Designer & Architect - Creative Director



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